Cheerleading Clinic

This class meets M-TH with a performance at the Lyons High School Football game. 

The Instructor is Mrs. Emily Ordal with the assistance of the Lyons High School Cheer Squad.



This class will go for three weeks and is perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to play chess from the very beginning. They will be focusing on the pieces and how they move.

The instructor is Mr. Caplan

Grade: 1st-5th from 2:35 until 3:15

**Please pick up your child by the Kindergarten doors on 4th Street we will be there for you to sign out your child!!


Flag Football

K-5th grade

Flag Football an instructional level of NFL Flag Football to introduce both boys and girls to a fun no contact format of football. They will learn football skills, run drills, and will learn the fundamentals of the game. Players will feel empowered as they move on to the next level of this fun sport. Each individual will receive a free football for participating.

On October 12th we will have a scrimmage and the girls will cheer the players on.

Please pick up your child on the big playground at 3:30! You must sign out your child for them to leave!

Hip Hop Class

This class is offered for K-5th graders, Axis of movement is thrilled to work with your child, teaching what we are passionate about- Dance and Movement! This fun and exciting Hip-Hop workshop will incorporate the basics of Hip-Hop movement and break-dance, all while letting each dancer experience their own groove. Learn new moves, while jamming to fun and exciting music. Students will showcase what they have learned to family and friends on the last day of the workshop.

Karate for Beginners & Advanced Beginners

The Karate class at Lyons Elementary is engaging and active, which give students a fun outlet for his/her energy- but the class also provides constructive feedback and emphasizes personal focus. As a result, students will become more self-aware and confident. The class teaches the fundamentals of traditional karate emphasizing personal safety and focus.

Instructor: Sensei Hiro Tanabe, 6 Degree Black Belt

Class will be held right after school in the Gym from 2:35-3:30

Please pick up your child at 3:30 at the kindergarten doors on 4th Street; you will need to sign them out before they can leave.


We will have two 6 week sessions this fall, second session registration will come out in October.