4th and 5th grade Spelling Bee Champs!

January 31, 2017

  1. a person who carries out a harmful, illegal, or immoral act.
    "the perpetrators of this horrific crime must be brought to justice"

With more than thirty 4th and 5th grade students participating, Desta Soma successfully came up with the correct spelling for the final word in the Spelling Bee - PERPETRATOR- to take 1st place in the LES Spelling Bee.  Tieing for 2nd place, congratulations go to Emma Bock, Emma Johnson and Sage Wynja.

Under the guidance of Spelling Club Coordinator, Nancy Parker and volunteers, Mike Karavas, MaryAnn Bader, Emma Young and Shannon Bock, 4th and 5th graders meet at lunch on Thursday's to practice their spelling techniques.  All the hard work is then demonstrated during the LES Spelling Bee, where students get a chance to shine.  Desta will go on to compete in the District Spelling competition for a chance to move on to the State and National Bee's.  

2nd and 3rd grade Spelling Club will begin on February 16th, meeting on Thursday's at lunch time and participating in a Spelling Bee some time in April.  Sign up here to participate:  2ND/3RD SPELLING CLUB

A big THANK YOU! to Nancy and her crew for heading up this S_P_E_C_T_A_C_U_L_A_R opportunity.