5th grade Legacy Project

5th Grade Legacy Project...

2016-17 5th graders have chosen Dan Monhollen as the artist for a Legacy Project for LES, this year.  Mr. Monhollen is an amazing wood carver who has designed a beautiful piece of work for LES.  

Students have collected donations and worked at Kid's Night Out to raise money for this project.  Artist, Mr. Monhollen has requested that his fee be donated to a local charity, to be chosen by the 5th grade classes.  


About the Carving Process

In February 1982, I began wood carving full time as a way to express my sense of awe and gratitude for God’s creation and to provide my collectors a one of a kind art piece for their home, business or place of worship.  My inspiration has come from the scenes of the western United States, especially my home area of Colorado.  The grain of the beautiful pieces of walnut, cherry, and basswood, I carve also guide the creation of the carving.  I carve by hand with Japanese and Swiss chisels, gouges, V tools and knives.

I have spent a lifetime exploring and soaking in the beauty of this rare Earth.  It is a privilege to carve a small scene in a rare piece of wood, the heart of a tree.

Popular Woodworking magazine took the time to interview David Monhollen. They discussed David’s work and his philosophies on carving. Feel free to download a copy of the article to discover more:

Interview with David Monhollen from Popular Woodworking (February 2004, Issue #139)


About the Carver

Living in Colorado surrounded by the natural beauty of the mountains has inspired me to share my experience through fine wood carvings.

Each original work of art portrays what is important to the collector, expressing a commitment to excellence, quality and attention to detail.