Childcare Options for April 27th

As a follow-up to the email from Superintendent Dr. Haddad yesterday regarding April 27th, 2018, Community Schools has some additional information about childcare options on that day.

Care will be provided at the following 4 schools.  Space is limited at all four sites.  
  • Black Rock Elementary in Erie
  • Legacy Elementary in Frederick
  • Sanborn Elementary in Longmont
  • Eagle Crest Elementary in Longmont
Kindergarten through Fifth Grade care will be provided from 7am to 6pm, just as we do for our Non School Day and Summer Camp programs (we are not providing Pre-K or middle school care).  This care is licensed so all of our students must be registered in advance of attendance.  All students should be registered through  Be sure to pick the school you want your student to attend on this day and follow the prompts to complete the registration process. Follow this link for instructions on how to complete the two step registration process.

Even though your student is registered in one of our childcare programs, you must re-register them for the Non School Day.  (Several families have already done this and they need to complete the second step only - picking days)  Just because you currently receive care during the school year, does not mean you will automatically receive care on April 27th.  You must register for the Non School Day program.

Thank you for your ongoing support of our childcare programs.  We are pleased we can provide this care opportunity for our SVVSD families.

Any additional questions should be directed to the program manager at your site.

Susan Zimmerman
Community Schools Coordinator