GaGa Ball has arrived!

GaGa Ball, Easy, Fun, Fast Moving Game That Everyone Can Play

Always looking for fun activities that keep students of all ages and abilities moving and engaged on the playground, LES has introduced GaGa Ball. The game’s growing popularity is due to its universal ability to be used in physical education classes, during recess, in after-school programs, or as a camp activity and our students LOVE IT!  A big thank you to LES PTO and the SVVSD for assisting us with the purchase and installation of this project. 

One of the main advantages of GaGa Ball is that all children, regardless of their athletic skill level, have the ability to participate and even win. GaGa Ball provides a fun way to develop skills that can be applied to other sports. It incorporates agility, dodging, jumping and striking. This provides great exercise, as players must continually move to avoid being hit by the ball. The game effectively levels the playing field because no one is guaranteed to win every time. Strategy, luck, finesse and even teamwork are important components to GaGa Ball. This allows children, who struggle in more traditional sports, to excel at GaGa Ball; while promoting physical activity. SEE SHORT VIDEO OF GAGA BALL GAME