LES Talent Show - March 23rd......ARE YOU READY?


LES Talent Show 2017..... ARE YOU READY??

8:30 AM - Kindergarten -3rd grade
1:00 PM - 4th and 5th grades
Thursday, March 23rd at the LES Stage in the gym!  
* The Talent Show is for Kids Preschool- 5th grade. 
* Show times will be determined based on the number of participants.
* Rehearsal times will be announced by March 21st.
* We will give interested 5th graders an opportunity to assist with the MC duties during the show.
1. Permission slips must be in by Friday, March 17th.  No exceptions.
2.There are no auditions.  Any LES student who wants to perform can sign up!
3. Performers can enter only ONE ACT.  Even if it is a group act.
4. If using recorded music, you must include the following and submit it no later than Friday, March 17th:
             -printed copy of the lyrics (if any)
            -labeled CD, or mp3 file emailed to doering_kim@svvsd.org
            -if a vocal performance, TRACKS MUST BE INSTRUMENTAL ONLY!  Most popular songs are available as a Karaoke version 
             on iTunes.
Please contact the Office with any questions or concerns.