SPHERO Ball Fun and Learning

SPHERO Balls....Fun and Learning!

The Innovation Center of the SVVSD provides cutting edge technology based information to students and teachers, as Ms. Sara Pike, LES Literacy and ESL Teacher found out a few weeks ago.  As part of a class she participated in, she learned about a new Boulder based company and project - the SPHERO Robotic Ball.  It has been the  perfect timing for the creation of such a crossover product.  The STEM movement- the efforts to incorporate science, technology, engineering, and mathmatics into the classroom, is full speed ahead! 

Ms. Pike spent the first part of the training learning the functions and possibilities of the Sphero Ball Robotic technology and then transitioned into putting that information into action.  Now- with the assistance of the PTO, who purchased 2 Sphero Balls for LES, Ms. Pike is off and running.  Students are so excited by the Sphero, using it as a motivational tool is just icing on the cake.  They are using the balls in pairs to follow complex directions, learn colors, numbers, geography and MORE!  Watch for more exciting learning opportunities as these balls ROLL their way into our classrooms.