Greeting Lyons Elementary & Middle Senior Families!

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Superintendent's Update

Dear St. Vrain Valley Community,

Public education is the cornerstone of our democracy. The impact of our schools and their role in shaping the future success of our society extends far beyond the smart boards, desks and walls of our classrooms. From economic development, to national security, to home and commercial property values, to business and corporate development, and community growth, our public schools provide a strong foundation for advancing the quality of our lives and the direction of our future.

SCIENCE AND LEADERSHIP- See what we are doing!


Lyons Elementary School is doing AMAZING things with our Science and Leadership Program.  See for your self...


C O N T A G I O U S - contagious.....Anna Johann wins the Spelling Bee!

C O N T A G I O U S - contagious.....Anna Johann wins the Spelling Bee!

Mrs. Nancy Parker along with her team of volunteers brought the 4th and 5th grade Spelling Club to a great finale today at the Spelling Bee where Anna Johann won first place by correctly spelling the word- CONTAGIOUS.  Jack Knapp came in second place and will represent LES at the District Spelling Bee, as Anna will be out of town.  

Family BINGO Night and Raffle Baskets

FAMILY BINGO NIGHT....You could win a 65" HDR TV!


Spring Enrichment Classes beging offered NOW!

Mr. Conn and the Lyons Groove Machine is just one of the amazing classes being offered for the Spring session.  Cheer Camp, Pottery, Karate, Magic Fairy Gardens and so much more.   Sign up's are happening now, many classes just need a couple more students to make them a go-




Infinite Campus: Information at your fingertips

Think back to a time where the phone was attached to the wall, and how excited you felt when your parents bought a longer cord, an answering machine or that magical moment when the cordless phone was brought home and you could talk to your friends in you bedroom away from your pesky sibling. Now, fast forward 20 years and staying connected is a whole new ballgame. We have all grown accustomed to the 24/7 news cycle and at times we cannot get information fast enough.

Are your notification settings ready for the Colorado winter?

We all know the rituals: turn your pajamas inside out and wear them backwards, put a spoon under your pillow and finally dance the most epic snow dance around. These practices have been carried down through generations as students go to bed hoping for a fresh blanket of snow in the morning. For administrators in St.

Attend. Aspire. Achieve.

What does attendance mean to you? Every student and family will have their own meaning for great attendance. For schools in St. Vrain, the goal is simple - have your student attend everyday and miss less than 10 days of school per year for any reason. The value of consistent attendance is one of the most important factors in determining if a student will do well in school, graduate and be prepared for success in future grades, their careers and postsecondary education.

Discovery Fair 2018....Express Yourself!

Discovery Fair 2018....Express Yourself!

Check out all the AMAZING Discovery Fair Projects as well as photo's and video of the Event.
Thank you to Discovery Fair Team- Pati Romero and Judy Brownsberger for making this event so SPECTACULAR!