Arbor Day- Tree Planting

With a record turn out this year for our Arbor Day Contest, more than 20 little budding arborist planted 2 new trees for LES.  Thanks to the Town of Lyons, 2 Pinion Pines will now take root on the playground. Participants were also awarded a seedling of their own to plant at home.  Good work, everyone!

Augmented- Reality Sand Table - New in the Media Center

Imagine molding sand to create landforms like buttes, peaks, and valleys, making it rain on command, and then watching the water flow on the landscape -- all in the library!

STEMinism.....a day of femme in STEM

On Saturday, April 20th, 27 femme's and 16 volunteers immersed themselves in SCIENCE!  All participants started with a chemistry experiment with chromotography and tshirts, then transitioned to a specialized area of choice.  Those in Math learned the wonders of code with Ceaser Wheels, Biology, discovered the wonders of DNA, Technology participants used SCRATCH to code, Engineering femme's designed a cost effective egg drop which they tested on the roof (who knew we had a door that leads right out onto the roof!) and Physics used tuning forks to hear and discover the wond

STEMinism.....a day of femme in STEM

On April 20th, Lyons Elementary School will host the first annual Femme in STEM day.   3rd through 5th grade students are invited to sign up to participate in this all girl event.  Girls will engage in activities across the STEM fields with an in-depth exploration in the morning and a science fair in the afternoon. Your day could involve anything from sharpie chemistry to DNA extraction to math magic. We invite you to come put the femme in STEM!

A BIG THANK YOU to STAPP Interstate Toyota for sponsoring our event.

Lyons Elementary participates in Nature, St. Vrain...

 A big THANK YOU an Congratulations to Sarah Wegert, Tech Coordinator and Elena Russ, Art Teacher for their fabulous presentations and canvases presented at the Nature, St. Vrain.  

Madeline Johnson participates at the Regional Spelling Bee...

On February 23rd, Madeline Johnson, LES 5th grader and winner of the LES Spelling Bee, participated in the Regional Spelling Bee in Boulder.  Maddie did an amazing job, going 5 rounds before going out on the word "inselberg" (a word Maddie says she hadn't even heard of)!  She aced words like "exuberant and erudite" and says she really enjoyed the experience.  We are so proud of you, Maddie!


Elementary Social Studies Curriculum Adoption Public Review

Elementary Social Studies Curriculum Adoption Public Review
The elementary social studies curriculum adoption committee is reviewing three programs after starting the process with six programs.  The three programs are from Nystrom, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Superintendent Update - The Future of America

Across the district, we have been championing a new motivational motto that is uniting our shared vision for excellence in learning and student advancement: We are taking public education by #StVrainStorm! Every day, I observe countless examples of students, teachers, staff, and community partners exemplifying the highest levels of achievement and drive that represent the very best of our public schools. Our graduation rates are at their highest level – over 90 percent at our traditional schools – and St. Vrain was also one of only four districts in Colorado and 373 nationally to be recognized by College Board’s Annual AP District Honor Roll. Enrollment in Advanced Placement (AP) courses has increased by 50 percent since 2014 with over 3,000 students enrolled in at least one AP class.

The Night Before......Next up in our AIR Series, Author, Natasha Wing

Next up in our AIR series is Author, Natasha Wing.  Natasha writes a series of "the Night Before" books and will do an all school assembly as well as break out sessions with our 2nd graders.  

VEX iq tournament - LES Robotics Team

Vex IQ is a robotics program. We are 5th graders and are on the same team called “Hydralion.” Here we will tell you the steps of the  tournament.