Lyons Elementary School Supply List

LES has changes to the SVVSD Supply List...

Please note the requested changes to the SVVSD Supply List below:



no 4 oz white glue

no pencil box

add headphones

1st grade

no 8 oz glue

1 wide ruled spiral notebooks

1 plain bottom pocket folder any color

no ruler

no colored markers

2 highlighters

no composition books

no colored pencils

2nd grade

no box of 8 count markers

no 8 oz glue

no eraser

3 wide ruled spiral notebook

2 plain bottom folders any color

no ruler

3rd grade

1 box colored pencils

no markers

no crayons

no scissors

no glue sticks or glue bottle

no ruler

no package of loose leaf notebook paper 4 spiral notebooks (red, blue, green, and yellow)

4 plain pocket folders (red, blue, green, and yellow)

4th grade

no ruler

no protractor

no notebook paper

5th grade

only 2 highlighters

only 2 notebooks

only 2 glue sticks

no notebook paper

no binders