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Andrew Moore

Andrew Moore


It is clear that the LES staff members are deeply committed experts in the field of education. Their knowledge and professionalism, the care they pour into our students, and the bond they share as co-workers is rare, and something to be treasured. We will continue to focus on building trusting relationships as we work and play together in the years to come. To support our students around a clear vision, we will come together this year to support three main initiatives:

  • Integrate writing into all academic areas.
  • Improve our ability to provide consistent feedback to students in the area of writing.
  • Help students strengthen their math vocabulary, respond orally and in writing to math prompts, and improve their math computation.

These goals make up our annual Unified Improvement Plan. Rigorous and academic in nature, our goals also clearly support two main components of our mission: creativity and cooperation.

The LES Student and Family Handbook describes a shared vision for our community as well. Intentional School Culture, Parent and Community Involvement, and Learning and Instruction make up that vision, and will drive every decision that I make. We will continue to partner with our community as folks participate and lead in various ways, sharing their passion and expertise with our students.

I'm looking forward to meeting and getting to know each of your families. Do not hesitate to reach out. Upfront, honest and caring communication are first steps towards a successful and lasting partnership.To meet our shared vision and school-wide goals, we know we must work cooperatively, so let's get after it!

Yours in Education,


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