Today is…..5th graders begin Morning AND Afternoon Announcements

While the 2020-2021 School Year has had it’s limitations, we keep thinking outside the box to make the student experience at Lyons Elementary School as fulfilling as possible.  5th graders were able to begin the time honored tradition of presenting the Morning Announcements, this week.  A pair of cohorted students act, film and process the message of what day it is, what’s for lunch, birthday’s and various fun facts.  Since we are getting such a late start with this program this year, we decided to add Afternoon Announcements to the docket.  On Monday, Max Maldari became the first 5th grader to bring our end of the day reminders to staff and students.  His reminder of tomorrow’s lunch options “hot dog or bean and cheese burrito, both great options” really hit the mark!