LEAF in partnership with Lyons Elementary School

Why do we participate in an annual Holiday Food Drive? 

To support others in our Lyons community and to help our children learn the importance of giving to those in need.

  • 1 in 9 children in Colorado struggles with hunger
  • 147,120 children in Colorado are food insecure
  • The Lyons Community Food Pantry supports an average of 35-40 households a week
  • Higher food prices mean that more households need our help!

What is LEAF?  

LEAF is an acronym for Lyons Emergency & Assistance Fund

  • LEAF is a nonprofit human services organization for people in need in the Greater Lyons area
  • LEAF offers five programs including Lyons Community Food Pantry, Basic Needs & Resource Matching, Lyons Meals on Wheels, Mental Wellness & Addiction Recovery, and Lyons Volunteers

What can we do?

Please fill this brown paper bag with household and non-expired, non-perishable food items. Drop off dates at the school are Monday, November 28th through Friday, December 16th.   

Please leave all donations in the blue wagons that will be stationed at the front of the school.

Here is a list of ideas:

Food items

  • Pasta & Pasta & Sauce mixes (i.e. mac and cheese)
  • Tomato products, incl pasta sauce
  • Grains – white and brown rice, seasoned rice mixes, couscous, quinoa, 
  • Beans – canned pinto, black, kidney, garbanzo, refried, baked beans, dried beans, lentils
  • Vegetables – canned
  • Soup
  • Meals – canned stew, chili, ravioli
  • Meat – canned tuna, chicken, etc.
  • Cereal & Oatmeal
  • Jam, Jelly, Honey, Peanut Butter
  • Snacks – chips, granola bars, fruit strips, nuts, beef jerky, cookies, crackers
  • Condiments – ketchup, mustard, mayo, pickles, olives, marinades, sauces
  • Beverages – juice, juice boxes, hot chocolate mix, tea, ground coffee
  • Fruit – canned and single-serving, including applesauce 
  • Baking Products – muffin, pancake, brownie, and cookie mixes, sugar, brown sugar, baking soda, baking powder, yeast, flour, vanilla extract, chocolate chips, etc.

Non-Food items

  • New Item! Gently Used, clean, reusable bags!
  • Paper products – toilet paper, paper towels, tissues
  • Laundry detergent
  • Cleaning products – dish soap, household cleaning spray, etc.
  • Pet items – dog and cat food, cat litter, treats, and toys

 Thank you!  Together we can make a difference.

Please contact the Office if you would like to assist with organizing donations on food drive days: [email protected]. Or sign up to help here: VOLUNTEER FOOD DRIVE

Online donations can be made to LEAF at www.leaflyons.org

Checks can be made out to LEAF and given to the school for collection.

LYEL student Food Drive
Lyons Elementary School