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LYEL Music Program… Concerts, Show Choir, Festivals and more!

The Lyons Elementary School Music Program is exploding this year in more than song.

Under the direction of our amazing Music Teacher, Mx. Plehaty, LYEL students will have the opportunity to participate in grade level concerts (see schedule below) as well as our ongoing Show Choir, whose performances at concerts, Monster Mash, Town of Lyons Halloween and Parade of Lights, has become legendary.

In addition to these opportunities, Mx. P has our students participating, for the FIRST TIME EVER, in the SVVSD Chorale Festival (which happened last evening) and the Colorado Elementary School All State Choir, happening in January. Students auditioned with Mx. P and fellow Show Choir director, Jocelyn Bolster to qualify for these events. AMAZING!

Adding to those events, our 2nd grade students will be treated to a performance and presentation of Baroque music and instruments by Keith Barnhart in January and 5th graders will participate in the district annual trip to the Longmont Symphony.

And finally, not to be missed, with more information coming soon, we will have our Artist in Residence, Kid Pan Alley here in December! Stay Tuned!

Concert Schedule:

1st/2nd grade – November 8th 6-7pm

3rd/4th grade – February 15th 6-7pm

5th grade – April 11th 6-7pm

Kindergarten – May 23rd 6-7pm

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