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5th Grade Shakespeare Theater

Beginning in February, 5th grade students will have the chance to participate in a time honored tradition at Lyons Elementary – Shakespeare! This year, the group will perform MacBeth.

Led by seasoned thespian, James Hart and new to our school but not to theater, Esther van Zyl, students will learn about all the different aspects to putting on a theater production, from acting to stage design, lighting and music.

The group will cover 4 areas of learning:  

  • Authentic Tasks:  learn the language of Shakespeare, the staging, rules of theater production; working with a group of actors and crew successfully to produce a play. 
  • Advanced Literacy: working with advanced materials including vocabulary, drawing meaning and inference from difficult passages, working with a specific type of literature.
  • Autonomous Learning:  identifying areas of passion for you- performance, memorization, drama, as well as learning to set personal goals, (How well did you memorize your lines? How well can you convey the personality of your character through your actions?)
  • Creative production; learning presentation skills, speaking with expression, poise in front of an audience, projection, working in a team (cast and crew), dramatic interpretation, and more.  

Students wishing to participate will need to complete and submit a theater packet, which will be sent home this week. The cost of this program is $30. Fees will be assessed in IC.

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