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Teach local students to fish

Various times in Sept and Oct | Lyons Elem School

Cast a Fly, Catch a Student needs your help. Volunteer registration is open and slots are available.

What is it? Cast a Fly, Catch a Student is a nationwide academic program developed by National Fishing in Schools that teaches the positive lifetime activity of fishing to students in elementary schools, middle schools, high schools and beyond. The St. Vrain TU Chapter has funded Lyons Elementary to bring this program into their 5th grade PE class.  2022 was our inaugural year and it was very successful! We are recruiting volunteers again in 2023 to help the Lyons PE instructor deliver the fun program to this year’s 5th graders. 

When is it?  Lyons Elementary is delivering this program during September- October PE class for 4 gym sessions, and culminating in a fishing day at the end of the session. There are 2 sessions per week on alternating days from 9:45 to 11:00 am that we are seeking volunteers to support.

What do we need? We need volunteers to help students with casting and other instruction. There will be 2 rotations per session practicing casting and another activity like knots and rigging, trout foods, etc.  with 12 students per rotation. We’re seeking a minimum of 6 volunteers per session to support this program. For the fishing day we will have at least 4 stations requiring volunteer support.

Help a 5th grader find the joy of fly fishing and sign up for 1 or more sessions. If you cannot help volunteer, please help recruit volunteers and tell a friend.


Lyons Elementary School