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JOGATHON 2022! Here’s all you need to know….

The Jogathon 2022 will run on Friday, September 30th!

Students will run on Friday, September 30th according to the schedule below. We ask that parents and family members enter from the Playground gate and sign in and out for the event.

Pledge envelopes have gone home and are due back for prize consideration on October 7th by 3:30pm. Online donations must be in by October 8th at 11:59 MST. Prize envelopes will come home October 13th. Raffle ticket/Prize Jars will be out

The Pie in the Face and Prize assembly will be on Friday, October 28th. The Monster Mash will take place with the Halloween Parade on Monday, October 31st.

Here is the Running Schedule for September 30th: Keep in mind that running times are estimated.

Running Schedule: 

8:10-8:15  Evans (PreK)

8:20-8:25 Burns (K)

8:30-8:35 Willson (K)

8:40-8:50 White (1st)

8:55-9:05 Boaman (1st)

9:10-9:25 D Stahl (3rd)

9:30-9:45 Pierce (3rd)

9:50-10:00 Parker (2nd)

10:05-10:15 Barone (2nd)

10:20-10:35 Mountains(5th)

10:40-10:55 Lions (5th)

11:00-11:15 Johnson (4th)

11:20-11:35 Lundell (4th)

Preschool through 5th grade all school Picnic on the upper playground at 11:45 am.

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